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The Web Lender is leading the way in innovative 

Global Business and Financial Services

The Web Lender is a unique global financial and business services portal. 


The Web Lender was created for two reasons:

•    To provide valuable information, via its extensive resources, resulting in successful project funding.

•    To provide financing options where mainstream bank financing is unavailable.


The Web Lender’s major line of business is providing consulting and introducing services to individuals and companies seeking project funding.

The Web Lender works within a comprehensive understanding of your needs and provides expert guidance, resulting in success.

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On The Web Lender Network you will be able to create a personal and business profile.

The Web Lender Network permits you to connect with other services professionals around the world, create your own groups, share secured documents, schedule events and conference calls on your own calendar, upload and share pictures and videos, create your own journal, promote yourself, have global followers and friends, and much, much more.

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The Web Lender's full suite business and financial services include global project / business funding, consultation, business plans, FX, translation services, full page, and banner advertising.

Working with The Web Lender gives you easy access to the right financial and business services professionals, who offer the right financial and business products for you.

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In the internet age, “going global” is something you can do in an afternoon. With us, it can be a reality.

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* Industries We Serve * 

Accommodation, Aerospace, Agriculture, Biotechnology, Commercial Real Estate & Development, Construction, Energy, Health Care, Hotel, Infrastructure Development, Manufacturing, Mining, Natural Resources, Oil & Gas Exploration & Pipelines, Power Distribution, Power Generation, Telecommunications 

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The Web Lender
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