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The Web Lender is leading the way in innovative 

Global Business and Financial Services

The Web Lender is a unique global financial and business services portal. 

We introduce corporate clients seeking business and financial services to professional service providers. 

The Web Lender was created for two reasons:

•    To provide valuable information, via its extensive resources, resulting in successful project funding.

•    To provide financing options where mainstream bank financing is unavailable.


The Web Lender, through its extensive resources, provides valuable information. Information which corporate clients need in order to successfully achieve their goals.

The Web Lender‘s resources are experienced, effective, licensed and regulated investment bankers, asset managers and top finance professionals. 

Direct access to such valuable resources is uncommon, and corporate clients would rarely, if ever, meet such high level professionals.

Are you looking for project funding which others cannot provide?  The Web Lender is your answer.

* Industries We Serve * 

Accommodation, Aerospace, Agriculture, Biotechnology, Commercial Real Estate & Development, Construction, Energy, Health Care, Hotel, Infrastructure Development, Manufacturing, Mining, Motion Picture & Video, Natural Resources, Oil & Gas Exploration & Pipelines, Power Distribution, Power Generation, Telecommunications 







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